You want to spend how much?.

08/03/17 Posted By: Anthony Smith

Why Budget shouldn't be a dirty word.

You want to spend how much?

We know budget can be a contentious issue, clients can be worried about letting us know the budget figure… in case we spend it! However, let me put the counter point to why the budget should be one of the first things to share.


An exhibition is a very unique event for any company. Taking your companies brand into the real world for everyone to see – it needs to be right, it needs to shout quality and it needs to be individual; And there’s the rub – ‘individual’.


Whilst there are components that can be re-used, we look at each project individually as a bespoke item in its own right. Think of this in any walk of life. Approach your local car dealership and ask for a bespoke car to be manufactured. They can use some standard components too but if the look of the car has to be individual to you, there would be so many factors that would determine the final price - I am pretty sure before it was designed, the dealer would be very keen to know what you can afford. For us this is no different.


Let’s take the humble reception counter. Imagine a 1 metre wide x 1 metre high x .5 metre deep straight counter with a paint finish and black laminate top. It would look something like this:



Now, there’s a cost to produce this counter. Let’s add a graphic – your company logo to the front:



Ok, this cost’s a bit more, but is personal to your company. But let’s go further, I’d prefer a 3D, back-lit logo, some dark wood laminate and a curved section to the end… could look something like this:



This is a real step up from the basic paint finish counter, but uses more expensive materials and takes more time to produce. The functionality of both is exactly the same, the look and feel is different, but there is a cost attached to the higher quality laminates, lighting & logo. But we have also added to the price by making it curved - as this considerably adds to the labour time needed to manufacture the desk… this could also have an impact on the transport as well, as the curved counter has a larger footprint.


Now, for the sake of an example, let’s say counter 1 costs £500 & counter 3 costs £2000. If you have £500 to spend and we show you counter 3, then it is frankly wasting your time and ours. Likewise, if you have £2000 to spend and we show you something for £500 you are likely to be less than impressed with our proposal. We have only used a counter as an example, by multiplying this by every item on the stand you can understand how your expectations may not be met.


So tell us how much you have to invest in your next exhibition stand and then let us use your investment wisely. Let us produce a design to meet your budget – something right, something quality, something… individual.


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